Lectures on classical simulation of quantum computations – Richard Jozsa

From next week Professor Richard Jozsa (from Cambridge) will be visiting UTS to do some work with our group. He will also be giving a couple of lectures on the classical simulation of quantum computations. Richard is without question one of the world’s authorities on this subject, and an excellent speaker. So, if you get the chance […]

Seminar announcement: Youming Qiao

Title: Quantum matching problems Speaker: Youming Qiao, UTS Time/Location: 2-3pm, 16 March 2016 (Wed) / CB10.02.410, UTS Abstract: We describe two algorithmic problems, both of which can be viewed as quantum analogues of the perfect matching problem on bipartite graphs. Given several square matrices, we are asked to: (1) decide if there is a full-rank […]

Seminar announcement: Mingsheng Ying

Title: Toward Automatic Verification of Quantum Programs Speaker: Mingsheng Ying, UTS Time/Location: 2-3pm, 9 March 2016 (Wed) / CB11.06.408, FEIT Seminar Room Abstract: Programming is error-prone. It is even worse when programming a quantum computer or designing quantum communication protocols, because human intuition is much better adapted to the classical world than to the quantum […]

Seminar announcement: Zhengfeng Ji

Title: Zero-knowledge proofs for QMA Speaker: Zhengfeng Ji, UTS Time/Location: Feb 24 (WED), 2-3pm / CB10.02.320, UTS Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss the construction of zero-knowledge proof systems for QMA. We will talk about the difficulties and several ideas that helped in the final construction, including a new variant of the local Hamiltonian problem, […]