TQC 2016: Berlin, 27-29 September

Forwarded from the organizers: CALL FOR PAPERS The 11th Conference on the Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication, and Cryptography – TQC 2016 Freie Universität Berlin Berlin, Germany 27-29 September 2016 http://tqc2016.physik.fu-berlin.de/ This is the eleventh in a series of conferences that aims to bring together the leading researchers in the areas of quantum computation, quantum communication and quantum cryptography. […]

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Sydney is ridiculous

Sydney is ridiculously picturesque. I snapped this photo just before going to see “The Daughter” at the open air cinema in the Sydney Botanical Gardens. Stunning venue for watching a movie! #nofilter

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My talk at the Workshop on the Frontiers of Quantum Information and Computer Science

Back in September 2015 I was invited to present a seminar at the Workshop on Quantum Information and Computer Science, hosted by the Joint Centre for Quantum Information and Computer Science at the University of Maryland. (Video above and slides are here.) My talk was on a recent paper that I wrote together with Ashley […]

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Seminar announcement: Zhengfeng Ji

Title: Zero-knowledge proofs for QMA Speaker: Zhengfeng Ji, UTS Time/Location: Feb 24 (WED), 2-3pm / CB10.02.320, UTS Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss the construction of zero-knowledge proof systems for QMA. We will talk about the difficulties and several ideas that helped in the final construction, including a new variant of the local Hamiltonian problem, […]


I am an Associate Professor at the Centre for Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems at the University of Technology Sydney. My research is in quantum computation and I tend to focus on complexity, architectures, quantum simulation, and algorithms. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in a lot of interesting places with so many amazing people. […]

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